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Baptist Churches WA offers a range of consultancy services to support organisations in building healthy churches.

Church Health

Church Health helps Churches, Pastors and Leaders in the Baptist Churches Western Australia to continue their movement towards health.

Our consultancy incorporates a number of the following areas:

  1. An external consultant to assist the local church to analyse its health

  2. Recommendations for improvement and implementation

  3. Support to churches implementing recommendations

  4. Training Church Leaders.

  5. Supporting Pastors.

  6. Recommended to be completed every five years.

Coordinator: Philip Bryant


We offer each church the opportunity for an experienced outside person to assist them to examine their evangelism potency and develop a strategy that best suits their particular church and the community.

Coordinator: Philip Bryant

Church planting

We offer each church the opportunity for an experienced outside person to assist the them to; examine church planting opportunities, put together a strategy to plant and church and act as a broker in networking other possible supporting churches and agencies.

Coordinator: Philip Bryant

Cross cultural and indigenous ministries

Baptist Churches Western Australia values the diversity of cultures amongst the congregations within the Baptist Family of Churches. Our aim is to build a healthy and growing Church which reflects the makeup of the population in Western Australia whilst also helping new migrants to integrate in the society here. We will do this through the following means:

  • Provide Church Health Consultancies to existing Churches.

  • Provide training to leaders of Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) Churches.

  • Provide NESB Churches with help and support to combine resources.

  • Provide a positive environment.

Coordinator: Victor Owuor

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