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Leavers Green Team 


Leavers Green Team is a clear example of a practical ministry with Baptist Churches Western Australia continuing to be well recognised as leaders in our support and a positive provider in the WA Leavers program.

Baptist Churches Western Australia provide a safer, alcohol free environment for school leavers to celebrate in. Since this programme began there has been a:

  • 96% reduction in arrests and assaults.

  • 58% reduction in the costs incurred for repairs and cleanup.

To keep this going we need 200 volunteers per night during leavers' week to be a part of the "Green Team" to run the Leavers' Zone in Dunsborough.

This year Leavers will run from 18 November – 23 November, if you would like to know more about being part of the Green Team at Leavers week this year, click here


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