Creating excellent camping experiences that help build changing relationships and memories through short term community


School Years 7-12

If your youth are interested in joining in with summer camp, as either a camper or leader, please contact Michael Yoo at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. 

Tel: 9329 1777


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Saturday 4th January 2020- Tuesday 7th January 2020

Who Are We?

Our mission is being devoted to a Bible based, Christ centred ministry Camps, partnering with churches by empowering Youth and Children leaders to undertake the mission God has called them to, through genuine and safe relationships.

The impact that Serpentine ministry Camps have, comes with a long legacy of stories where God has changed the lives of individuals, we endeavour to be a ministry that carries on that legacy and makes it know State Wide.

Why Serpentine Ministry Camps?

Serpentine Ministry Camps are created and run with the purpose of empowering children and young people to develop their faith and relationship with Jesus. What does this mean for you?


If you are a church, this means we take care of it all. You don't have to concern yourselves with the details of duties such as organising Catering, Activities, Workshops, Program etc. that come from organising your own Camp. By doing this we hope to empower you to send your leaders and students along to the SMC's together. We do this to maximise the discipleship potential between your leaders and your students. And as a bonus we provide training for your leaders to empower them to be better leaders not only at the camps but also within your ministries.

Parents or Guardians

If you are a parent or guardian, this means we endeavour to create a safe educational environment that is full of fun for your children. The camps are full of age appropriate activities and events aimed at providing the campers with a great camp full of fun, activities, and opportunities to build friendships that extends across the state. Simultaneously this extends to the leaders running the camp. The camps are run by a group of volunteer leaders who all hold a Working with Children Card, a Volunteer National Police Clearance, and have all completed the Safe Church training program.


If you are a camper, this means the SMC's are the place to be. It is a great place to build friendships with people from across the state, friendships that last for years to come. Not only friendships with people but also a friendship and relationship with God. This is possible because the SMC's operated from a Christian basis and aim to help children and young people develop their faith and what it means to follow Jesus in their lives and world. This happens primarily through meetings, worship, Bible talks, and discussions in small groups. With the bonus that the campsite has lots to offer. Like a gym where a variety of games and sports can be played, a 21m swimming pool which is great for cooling off in summer, a grassed football oval, tennis courts, and lots of open space for games, wide games, and other activities. The campsite is also equipped with a range of challenge courses, a low ropes courses, and a climbing wall. There are also meeting rooms, a dining room, and other areas for activities.


If you are a leader, SMC's are an opportunity for your leadership to have an eternal impact. Without leaders like yourself the SMC's would not be possible. For that reason, the SMC's are being developed to provide training to help you prepare for the camps and beyond. This includes; leadership training, developing your skills & understanding of faith, Safe Church and Camp practices. This is done through leader training days before the camps. During the camps the training continues in the form of live coaching and discipleship. Serving on an SMC builds connections and friendships with other leaders that continue throughout a lifetime.

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